Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 down... lots more to go

So, like I mentioned in our last post, we made the goal to visit all the temples in Utah this year. This last weekend we had the opportunity to go to the Manti Temple with a few other couples in our ward. It was a very neat experience, and such a beautiful, antique building! It's amazing to think of all the hard work and sacrifice that went into building that beautiful building. Like I said we went with some couples in our ward. It's been fun because there are about 10 young couples in our ward, some have kids and some don't, but we all get together on Mondays for FHE and go on temple trips together. This weekend we're going to stop by the Monticello temple on our way to Arizona to see my new niece Avery.. I am very excited!!!

On our way home Eli wanted to stop by and take pictures with this statue because he said that if this Indian Chief was important enough to be part of a painting in the Manti Temple, then he wanted to have a picture with him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some of our recent adventures

So, It's 6:20 on a Tuesday night and I am still in my classroom, but not wanting to do anything for school, so I decided ya'll might enjoy a little update on life....Eli and I are dong fantastic! We are counting down until summer is here, 12 more days of school for me, then it's 5 weeks till San Diego and 6 weeks until the DR! Yep you all heard it, we're going to the Dominican Republic! I am so excited...I get to meet the other half of the family and enjoy a vacation in the Carribean, couldn't really ask for more....Then we'll be back in the end of July and see what other adventures we create...and we'll both be back to school in the fall, me in second grade and Eli starting off college again. That's the low down on us...oh and I guess for those inquiring minds... yes we are working on becoming a 'family' we'll see when there's a little spirit that decides they are brave enough to come to our family! Whoever they may be, they will be in for an adventure....but that's what life is all about, right?! So onto some photos...


In March we were in a dance performance called "Fiesta" at BYU. It was lots of fun, and was my very first time ever performing in a dance performance....


So, I found this thing online where couples can spend a free night at a resort in Park City, if you go on a tour and listen to their whole time share spill... so I decided to schedule it for the beginning of Spring Break. It was so much fun! We arrived there on Friday night and we went to the pool, then we tried to go get pizza at the resort but it was closed, so we drove into Park City and got pizza and then went back to our room and relaxed. It was a really nice night. Of course, it would have been nice to spend even more time there, but we enjoyed it, and hey who can pass up a free night in Park City?


So, the next weekend, April 18, was our 6 month anniversary. Eli decided that we should set a goal to visit all the temples in Utah before the end of this year, so he planned our first temple trip, VERNAL! So, we drove out to Vernal and went to the temple. It was beautiful and we were amazed because it was a lot bigger inside than it looked on the outside. Then afterwards we went to the dinosaur museum there, then passed by some houses Eli had worked on and hit the local wendy's for a fancy anniversary dinner on the way back ;)

And now the dinosaurs.....

That's all for now folks... hope you enjoyed and I'm sure there will be more pictures soon, this weekend we're off to Manti...Sorry this post is forever long, I can't figure out how to format the pictures...but oh well!