Monday, September 29, 2008

Bridal Pics and Fall Leaves

We had a wonderful day on Saturday! After getting everything all ready in the morning we went up Provo Canyon with our photographer to take my bridal photos. I know Eli is not supposed to see my dress, but since all my stuff is at his parents house right now, as we are between houses it's inevitable so he just came with me. Eli's parents Emiliano and Elida decided to come too, it was SO fun to have everyone there and April (our utah photographer) even took a couple of pictures of all of us together. These are the pictures Eli took of me and his parents during the photo shoot.

Location 1: Vivian Park (some random meadow)

While I was having fun posing in the grass, the Abreu's we're having a little bit of their own fun too...

Location 2: Beautiful pathway (I know Anna, I was kinda copying you... I loved your bridals!)

Location 3: Pretty River in Vivian Park, It was such a beautiful day and there were 2 other brides and a few families there taking pictures too.

Location 4: The Log (Who thought that a random log in the forest next to a fire pit would make such a good spot to take photos?! ;)

Last two locations: The grassy knoll and Area with red leaves. We wanted to find a place that had all the colors but we just had to take what we could get in each little spot.. we had a ton of fun though! I learned that is isn't as easy to smile a lot when I am just taking pictures by myself, thank goodness Eli will be in pictures with me on our big day...

Last but not least... A few pictures of Mom and Dad with the red leaves... somehow Eli didn't get in any of these pictures, but I guess he was the one with the camera... April did catch a few with him too though...We all had so much fun and really enjoyed the beautiful colors and weather of Fall... I never thought I'd be a fall bride, but dang, it sure does make for some beautiful pictures.

Sorry this post is kind of long, but I wanted to capture the day and let everyone see a variety of pictures... Maybe I'll post some of the professional pictures too when we get them....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 month and counting!


Time is passing by so quickly and we are getting excited for the big day! Our lives are filled with wedding plans so there is not many exciting things to write about.  I just thought I'd add a few pics we took last week just for fun.  Enjoy...


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More engagement pics



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 weeks and counting!!!

We are super excited! Only six more weeks until the big day! Things are coming together, we spent this past weekend in San Diego doing all the plans, picking flowers, cakes, fabrics etc.  I am having fun teaching 2nd grade and Elin is enjoying his job and life is just fabulous.  We recently got our engagements done so I thought I would post some of those for your viewing pleasure ;) I hope everyone is doing great and there will be news of more adventures to come!