Monday, January 26, 2009

Life Update

     It's been quite a while since our late posting and I've had some complaints about my lack in blogging so I decided I would do a little update. There's not a lot to report. Since October, we've just been loving married life and having fun with all the little adventures life brings.  I haven't downloaded pictures from the camera yet, so there will be pictures to go with this post in the near future.  
     Well, the end of October we had fun dressing up for Halloween, Eli had never dressed up before, so that was exciting, we got afro wigs and t-shirts and dressed up as people from the 60s... it was quite entertaining as many people were shocked to see Eli with hair... In November we enjoyed Thanksgiving with Eli's family, his sister Eridania came to live with us for a few weeks, and we enjoyed playing with her little baby, Ethan.  
      December came with the long awaited Christmas break. We were lucky to celebrate Christmas with both of our families. We celebrated Christmas Eve with Eli's family and lots of our family friends then we flew to San Diego on Christmas Day.  We made it there with just a little delay and enjoyed spending a few days with Elisha's family. We enjoyed dinner, the beach, warm weather, and best of all time with the family, mostly being entertained by Elisha's adorable nephew, Porter.  We even got to spend an extra night in San Diego as our flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day.   It was such a WONDERFUL break and a great time to just relax! 
     We got back to Utah on the 31st just in time to go to our ward New Year's Eve party/dance which lasted until about 3am... althought Elisha only lasted until about 1:30 or so... Well that's about it for 2008.
      We are excited for 2009, our first whole year together and excited to see what it brings!  Since the new year it's just back to work for us, only 80 more days of school for Elisha (she's not excited at all) and then hopefully if all goes as planned we'll take a quick trip to San Diego in June for a wedding, then head to the Dominican Republic for a month or so with a stop in Arizona on the way home to see Elisha's new niece or nephew, so the summer plans are already being made in our house!  I hope I haven't bored ya'll too much... we're still living in Orem with Eli's parents, so if your in the neighborhood we should get together.  We're always looking for fun things to do as we are afraid we might be becoming 'boring married people'.... Hope everyone is doing great!