Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Blog

We're changing our blog to I am also going to make it private so if you want to be invited let me know ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Way Past Due... Our New Addition

Okay, so I don't know why I've been dragging my heels on writing this post, I've been thinking about it for about a month now and now the way I thought of writing it is just going to take too long, so I've decided that instead of reading everyone elses blogs everyday, I should probably post on mine every once in awhile. Especially because there is an adorable person that I could blog about every single day.

Elianney Abigail Abreu

The week after school got out I knew my little angel was going to come soon, she wasn't due until June 17, but from May 29- June 2 I couldn't keep anything down. I was throwing up and sick in bed for 5 days, including a trip to the hospital to hydrate myself and make sure Elianney was ok... On June 2 we went to the Dr. for our appt. and found out that I was already dialated to 2cm but we knew not to get too excited because that could last for a while. On Thursday I felt crampy all day but had the lovely nesting energy so I spent pretty much the whole day sewing and finished the baby's carseat cover and almost finished one of her blankets. Friday morning I was laying in bed after not being able to sleep most of the night and I told Eli, " I hope that my water breaks when it's time, because I don't know how long to wait with the pains and everything". Next thing I knew, a friend called to see if we'd had the baby yet, I told her no and then got up to go to the bathroom and as I did I felt a pop inside me and I said to Eli, "She just kicked me really hard" no sooner did those words come from my mouth and I was soaked. I yelled to Eli "My water just broke" and he said no it didn't you just peed, I promised him that I hadn't then told him to make me some oatmeal to eat since I knew they wouldn't let me eat at the hospital, then I fixed my hair. By about 10 am we were at the hospital checking in. They measured me and I was at a 4 so they took me to my room and got all the iv's and everything hooked up. I was Strep B positive so Elianney had to get meds thru my iv before she could be born... They asked if I wanted an epidural and me being the smart person that I am, I said of course because I knew if I waited it would take them a while and I would be in too much pain. It was amazing to me how quickly the contractions got worse! By around 11 I had my epidural and I was a happy camper!

By about 1 or so I was dialated to an 8 but they had to slow me down because of the antibiotics the baby needed. As I was laying there watching "Tom and Jerry" with my husband since there was nothing else on tv, one of the nurses commented, " Hey you are amazing for a first time mom, you have to have like 5 more babies because you are just made for having babies" I just laughed because that's the joke we've had in my family since I was little, that I am the one with the birthing hips. Plus, I know I may be weird but I was super happy during labor, it probably has something to do with the wonderful epidural that I had! Getting the epidural was the worst part! After that everything was awesome. Finally, about 4:30 they told me that I could start pushing. I was so excited because I knew that meant that I would finally get to see my little princess. My Mother and Sister in law were there to help and we started pushing. It's weird to think back because Eli asks me what I was thinking and feeling and I can't even remember. I just remember pushing and wondering how long it was going to take to get her out and worrying that I wasn't doing it right or that something might go wrong. After pushing for a while they decided to give me some oxytocin to help out, the dr. checked and said we had a little while longer, then he left. Then a new nurse came on, the nurse who became my very favorite, her name was Lori. She had me put my legs up to push and apparently that's all we needed because next thing we knew her head was halfway out and we were trying to get a hold of the dr. Once the dr. came in I pushed one more time and out she came. My heart skipped a beat when I heard that adorable little cry and I will never forget the adorable look on Eli's face when he saw her for the first time, then got to cut the cord. Elianney Abigial made it into the world at 6:35pm...

The checked her out and weighed her 6 lbs, 18 inches... she's just perfect! Then we got to all meet her and give her our first loves...

The rest of the night was great, just visiting with family and loving our new little girl. Eli insisted that I send her to the nursery so that I could sleep... then he went home to take a shower and get some sleep himself. I didn't sleep at all.. I think it was just the emotions of being a new mom, I hated being by myself in that room and I couldn't sleep.. but that's okay it was just the beginning of our adventure. Saturday my Mom came into town and by Saturday night I was wanting to go home, but we stayed until Sunday morning. Here are some more hospital and going home pictures.

Our first few weeks with Elianney have been fantastic. She is a great baby, she put herself on a 3 hour schedule from the beginning and now she even sleeps a little longer sometimes at night. She loves to eat, be held, cuddle with daddy and ride in the car (except for stop lights). She also likes to go visit people and be out and about, she even went dancing with mom and dad last week and slept the whole time... 4th of July weekend my family came in to town, we were excited to see everyone, and we missed Melissa. We enjoyed spending time together, and Elianney was blessed.

She keeps growing like a little weed... she's becoming quite the cute little chubby girl.. I'm just going to add a few recent pics and post this.. I will try to be better about keeping up.. if you want to see more pics you can check out my facebook page...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

By user demand....

Okay, so I've been told we need to update our blog.. I know I am bad, I selfishly enjoy reading others blogs everyday but I neglect my own. It just seems to me that everyone else is so much more interesting. Although as many know, there have been a few things happen in the last 6 months, the biggest news is that we are expecting our first baby! We found out the weekend of our 1 year anniversary which we celebrated at the Anniversary Inn in SLC. I have been lucky that although I am exhausted, I haven't been too sick. Just the once a day morning throw up and a cough that does not want to go away, not too bad! Below I will include a few pics from the last few months including some prego pics since everyone wants to see... I don't really look pregnant, just fat, but such is life! We are looking forward to our appointment this Thursday because we get to see the baby again and see if it will let us know if it is a girl or a boy so it doesn't have to be it anymore!

15 weeks

17 weeks

Christmas with Eli's family

Eli told me that I could cut my hair when I was pregnant, so I chopped it!

San Diego Zoo during our visit for Thanksgiving

Our principal said no BYU costumes for halloween, so I HAD to...

Charlie Brown and Lucy

Visiting the Draper Temple for our anniversary

Our 1st Anniversary... We spend the night at the Anniversary Inn, went to dinner at the same place we went on our first date, saw movie, had lunch at one of my favorite places, and went to the temple. It was a good weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

DR installment #2 (Let's see if I can get it all in)

So, we left off on day number two which I think might have actually been day three, but it's all good.  Let's just see what pics come next. I think the next day which would have been Friday July 3 we went with Eli's cousin Eurys to the river. He showed us this really cool place in the campo where you go behind someone's house and then down a path to the river and there's like a little pool there, they call it a "charco".  Anyway, no pics but it was a fun place. The next day one of Eli's friends from growing up, Alvarado came with us up to his Grandma's house and then a bunch of us went to this place in the river near there.. it's hard to explain but it's another place where there's a little pool and not a lot of people go there, it was my favorite spot to go. Here's some pics:

This is one of my favorite Eli, Eurys, Alvarado
pics.. Eli always likes to sit
in the middle of the little 

Showing off his muscles Alvarado 

Trip to Eli's Mission July 6-9

We decided to rent a car and head down to Santo Domingo where Eli served his mission. So, we talked to one of Eli's friends and he said we could borrow his car which we thought would be better than renting one. Little did we know we were in for another little adventure! He rented his car to someone else and they didn't bring it back on time so it ended up that we had to rent one from the local car rental place anyway, at least we got a discounted price.  That put us back a few hours and then when we finally got the car it wasn't in the greatest condition which I was kinda bummed about but in the end glad about because then it was less likely we would have problems with people bugging us, two white people in a nice car wouldn't have been good.... anyway we headed towards the capital and on our way there was a huge rain storm, we could hardly see but we made it through, apart from the steam/condensation coming from the AC vents. Then when we were about 5 mins from where we were going to meet our Bishops son who was serving his mission in Santo Domingo we're driving along and "pop" there goes our windshield wiper!!! I started laughing SOOO hard... don't think it's probably as funny to everyone else but it was a hilarious moment for us... so we make it to Carrofour which is a huge grocery store, meet up with Hyrum, have some Pizza Hut and head off to visit some members from Eli's mission.  We wait outside their house for almost 2 hours because they had said they would be home and Eli couldn't remember where anyone else lived, but we finally got to see them and then headed out for another adventure to find Eli's Aunt's house where we spent the night... it was a good day.... here's some pics:
Here is our ghetto Corolla that 
we rented... hey it took us where
we wanted to go....

Elder Hyrum Kidman: So, his dad is our bishop in Utah and 
so we took a package for him, but it ended up that Hyrum made
it back to Utah before us because he has back problems and got
sent home early.. it's all good though it was GREAT to see him in 
the DR!

Capital Day Two: Temple and River with the Mercados

The next day we headed off early to go to the temple. There were only 5 people in the session. The temple was beautiful and it was fun to see the MTC there too. Then we went to visit a family that Eli loves from his mission, the Mercados! They are a fabulous family and great members who are not afraid to share what they know! They fed us and took us to swim at a river nearby here's some pics from the day, it was another good one ;)
  Santo Domingo Temple
Enjoying the river with the Mercados.. yes, we went swimming almost everyday!
Beautiful views of the river at sunset...
On the Road Again...
The nest day we covered a very large area.. we visited most of the areas where Eli served as a missionary including Bani, San Juan, Tamayo, Barahona, Enriquillo, and Elias Pinas.. I probably missed some.. but we saw some old friends and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We even found a hotel to stay in in San Juan that was only 900 pesos ($20) for the night and it was pretty nice...
                   The BEAUTIFUL beaches of Barahona
The branch president of Enriquillo. When Eli served in this
area their apartment was right across the street from the
beach.. I'm not sure that was the best place for the missionaries
apartment... ;)
Comendador/Elias Pinas.. this is the area where Eli was 
Branch President. There were lots of people to visit but 
unfortunatly we arrived after dark.. we found Maria's house 
by asking some teenagers who were hanging out on the side 
of the road.. she was happy to see us and gave us the great news
that her son just turned in his mission papers!!!
Our Hotel....

This is the way we take a bath...


Okay, so not really, but it's Eli's favorite way.. 
outside with the cold hose water...

Spending Time a Mama Tina's (cows, cousins, and fun!)
Mama Tina's cows had parasites so we washed them and
gave them shots... yeap Eli even got me to give one of the 
cows a shot and chase after the calves to get them in the 
corral.. now that was probably quite the site ;) Don't forget that the next day we cut 3 of the baby bulls horns.. it seems mean but it's good for them...

Fabiana and Eli
Some of the cousins having a cookout by the river.. in our
favorite spot ;)

Fabio (Eli's Uncle)
Eli's cousins Eli's Aunts (from his mom's
side) and grandma (dad's side)
              Mama Tina 
Our future house!! This is a house that Eli's dad has started 
and we're going to finish it someday... it isn't much right now,
but there are beautiful views!!
The Bull the Eli wants.....  Pretty pictures of the campo

Alvarado's Family
Eli and Alvarado have been friends forever.. these are some pictures of his adorable family...

Visiting Los Alcarrizos and Mission Companions

We decided to take one more trip down to the capital to visit an area that Eli opened as a missionary.  They started out having church in the missionaries house, now there's a chapel with a ward and a branch... 

The new Chapel

Nellie and her girls Tyson and his family
(Eli baptized both of these families...)

sisters.. they grew up in Eli's house and were not members, 
but have since been baptized and two of the are married in 
the temple.. you never know what affect you can have on 
someone's life...

Mission Companions (Santana, Diaz, Abreu, and Abreu)
Abreu, Diaz, Santana, Abreu
Santana with his wife and Abreu's Family...
adorable little girl..

Abreu with his little girl Diaz with his two (almost 3) kids
and sweet wife!

Celebrating 9 months of Marital Bliss...

July 18 we celebrated nine months since our wedding
by going out to dinner... lots of fun... notice I even did 
my hair! That didn't happen much due to the HEAT!

(Funny thought: Eli says I look like my old roomate Hailey in this pic???)

Puerto Plata: Riu Bachata

Our trip to the DR have multiple purposes... one of which was a HONEYMOON!! So we took 5 days and stayed at the Riu Bachata! Thanks to Eli's sister, Eunice we got a GREAT deal and only paid $100 a day and everything was included.... We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying some alone time!!!


Okay, so I admit there are things I could write under these
but I am sure they are mostly self-explanitory as I have been 
at this for 3.5 hours now!!! The last few days we just said goodbye 
to family and headed on our way back home for more future adventures....